Ana Mighty Sound was meant as a shelter for audiophiles, a place where questions can and must be asked, a place where our team can share a combined experience to offer you solutions fitting your feelings of what HiFi should be. We are passionate about what we do, constantly building our list of assets. On top of designing our own, we are distributing a growing range of products we believe in, among which: Jan Allaerts, Top Wing, Phasemation, Audio Union - Mark Döhmann, STST, PTP Audio, Origin Live, Schröder, Schick, Thrax, Helixir Audio, L’art du Son / Loricraft, Alto Extremo, Little Fwend and the list keeps growing in our shop.

François St-Gérand
CEO (Consider Every Option)

Passionate about sound and senses, linguistics, HI-FI and music, I created Ana Mighty Sound in 2012 to share my musings and discoveries. 2015 is a new milestone with the design of 100% Ana Mighty Sound products. 2018 saw the opening ofour Parisian showroom in the care of Frédéric Verhoye.

Frédéric Verhoye

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